Apply for your Smart Postpaid Plan Now!

Please prepare your Proof of Purchase of any device purchased in our online store in the past 30 days

Proof of Purchase is not required for frontliners and employees of the Top 1000 Corporations. Simply upload a copy of your Company ID.


Download Smart Online Application Form



1. Download the service application form. The form contains the following:
    a. Personal information
    b. Subscriber's declaration (with 3 specimen signatures at the right side)
    c. Consumer Guide
    d. Acknowledgement receipt
2. Fill out all required details. Required details are with check (v)
3. Log-in to if Clickstore if you already have an existing account. If you are not registered, please click this link to sign up.

4. Go to Categories menu then click Postpaid Paid Plans.
5. Upload the following documents using the Upload button, you will see in the page after signing into your account.
   a. Service Application form (Personal Information, Subscriber's Declaration, consumer Guide and Acknowledgement Receipt)
   b. Proof of Purchase of Smartphone bought in ClickStore Website.
       No need to upload if you are a frontliner or an employee of Top 1000 corporations.
   c. Valid Government Issued ID with 3 specimen signatures
   d. Company ID, for frontliner or an employee of Top 1000 corporations.
   6. Wait for email confirmation from our ClickStore Team.

To know more, click here for FAQ's or kindly email our Telesales at


To know more, click here for FAQ's




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