What is ClickSecure

ClickSecure is a mobile device protection plan that gives you peace of mind in case anything happens unintentionally to the new mobile phones you purchased in ComWorks.

When your device breaks, you don't have to worry about the high costs of repair or replacement. We will fix it for you as fast as the next day (you don't even need to leave your home) - and that's peace of mind for you.

Why others love ClickSecure

Hassle-free service request process

Request a repair service through multiple channels with few easy and simple steps

All year long device protection

Enjoy peace of mind with all year long protection for your new device

Any unintentional & liquid breakage

We have your mobile device protected from breakages not covered by its manufacturer warranty

Free pick-up &

Stay where you are and stay safe. We'll pick up and return your device for free

Plan Summary

ClickSecure is powered by bolttech Device Protection

Scope of services

Your device will be repaired when it is broken due to unintentional breakage and liquid spills OR replaced if it's beyond saving

Service fee

Free service

A small service fee applies when we replace your device when it cannot be fixed

Service Request Limit

Multiple Repair Services

Maximum total repair cost up to Device Purchase Price or


Replacement Service

If your device needs replacement because it cannot be repaired or is beyond economic repairs (BER)


Protection period

12 months upon the date of successful delivery of your device

If you have questions, connect with our live chat team at

3 steps to protect your device

It's fast and simple!

How do I get my device repaired or replaced?


A bolttech service expert will assess your request and arrange for your device to be picked up and sent for repair.


After repair is completed, bolttech will arrange delivery of your device back to you.

Make a service request through any of your preferred channels below

Message via FaceBook ComWorks Clickstore


Call ComWorks Clickstore hotline: +6328-4412190


Email ComWorks Clickstore: customercare@comworksclickstore.ph

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

ClickSecure protects your new device from any damage that is not covered by its Manufacturer’s Warranty. Should anything happen to it, we’ll collect, repair and return it in as fast as 24 hours!

The Manufacturer’s Warranty mainly covers breakdowns due to mechanical and electrical failures as well as manufacturing defects. ClickSecure covers everything else that might happen to your phone caused by external force and liquid such as broken screen and water spills.

There are multiple ways to request for a repair: phone call, email, Facebook and via Customer Portal. For more information, please visit https://device.bolttech.ph/.

  • ·       For service request within the city area, the overall turnaround time would be 7 days from the date when the service request is approved.
  • ·       For service request outside city area, the overall turnaround time would be 11 days from the date when the service request is approved.

Yes, you can! But first, you will need to request for a repair, have it picked up and assessed by our technicians first. If your device cannot be fixed or the cost of fixing is too high, we will contact you to get the replacement service process started.

If your phone is still functioning, please back up your data before sending it to us via our courier service. As a rule of thumb, we encourage you to back up your data at least once every month. 

No. Your money will only be refunded if the repair is not done within the promised turnaround time and if your request qualifies for a Service Delivery Guarantee. If your repair request is rejected, you will receive an email from bolttech outlining the reasons. Your phone will then be returned to you.

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